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Holiday accommodation in Croatia

Croatia | Central Dalmatia | Riviera Makarska | Brela | Villa KOSA

Address: Dunaj 6; 21322 Brela; Phone: 00385 21 618321; GSM: 00385 91 8803135

Mr. Stanko & Mrs. Ljiljana Zelić
Distances from (m):
 Sea: 60
 Beach: 60
 Center: 2000
 Restaurant: 150
 Disco club: 2000
 Supermarket: 200
 Bank: 2000
 Doctor: 2000
 Pharmacy: 2000
 Petrol station: 9000
 Playground: 2000
 Airport: 70000
 Drive Way: 1000
Parking: YES | Grill: YES | Terrace: YES | SAT-TV: YES | Internet: YES | Heating: YES | Air-Condition: YES | Pets (10 EUR/day): YES
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Apartment 1
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Apartment 2
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Apartment 3
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Ceník ubytování (EUR/noc) - Prices of accommodation (EUR/night)
Type of
m2 Persons 01.06. - 30.06.
01.09. - 30.09.
01.07. - 31.08. 01.10. - 31.05.

Apartment 1
- 4 + 2 60 EUR/night 80-100 EUR/night On request
Apartment 2
- 4 + 2 60 EUR/night 80-100 EUR/night On request
Apartment 3
- 2 + 2 40 EUR/night 55 EUR/night On request
Apartment 4
- 2 + 2 40 EUR/night 55 EUR/night On request
2 x Room
- 2 + 1 15 EUR/person 20 EUR/person On request
  • Ubytovací poplatek je v ceně ubytování.
    Záloha na pobyt: 100 EUR.
    Možnost slevy: dle dohody.
  • The accommodation´s tax is included in the prices.
    Advance payment: 100 EUR.
    Discount for longer or out-season accommodation.
  • Welcome to Villa Kosa in Brela!
    - Fisherman´s nights in Brela...
    - Brela Summer Festivities...
    - Beautiful pebble and sand beaches for adults and for children...
    - Excursions and watersports in Brela...
    - Close to Nature Park Biokovo...
    - Romantic promenade...
  •   Heritage:
    - Bekavci - Ivandić building complex:
    Situated in the Donji Kričak area is a representative example of folk architecture with its anthological construction features.
    - Prosik
    An eerie gorge and canyon on a rocky plateau. Archaeological remains of Neolithic Balkan man from the period from 6000 to 2000 BC. An example of rural folk architecture with draw-wells, olive mills and bread furnaces which grace this unique area, once the site of numerous attacks and brigand encounters.
    - Zaveterje
    Together with its manor houses of Ursići, Brkulji, Tomaši, Drinova, Bartulovići. These manor houses appear to have stopped time, being stone houses actually situated both in the stone and on it. There are four beautiful manor houses that have been preserved until the present from the long abandoned village of Drinova with its rich architecture, situated close to the paleontological area of Drinova.
    - Napoleon's road
    The French, during their domination (1808-1813) constructed a road along Dalmatia - from Obrovac to Boka Kotorska in a very short period of time. Today this road is known as “Napoleon's Road" or the "French Road" and was built primarily thanks to Napoleon's military commander and duke of Dubrovnik, August Marmont, who is remembered the history of Croatia for the numerous advanced measures he implemented within the Croatian region as military commander of Dalmatia and deputy of the Illyrian regions.  Here this road would have connected the Makarska Littoral with the French Road that passed through the hinterland of the mountain Biokovo, in direction Grabovac – Zagvozd- Župa- Rašćani over the Nevista and Poletnica (Brela Gornja – Upper Brela) passes, . Local people too were involved obliged to work for the road’s construction process and were paid in food. Unfortunately, due to the withdrawal of the French military forces, this part of the road remained unfinished although is possible to see under passes Nevista and Poletnica from the valuable parts of the dry-stone walls that surrounded it.
    - Ruins of the Herceg’s fortress
    On the part of Biokovo above Brela, under a cliff are the ruins of a structure which is known among the people as Herceg fort. This was once a structure that only had the upper port and just one window whilst the path leading to it was a causeway created by putting plates one next to another. So, when walking on them everything rustled and Erceg Stipan, who was in the fortress, could hear everyone. The Ottomans wanted to seize the fortress of Stipan so they ransacked it for months, hoping to torment the occupant by hunger as they were unable to conquer the fortress in an inaudible way over those plates. One day, it is said, Erceg Stipan was sitting outside and slicing cheese. Half of the cheese rolled down, shattering and falling on top of the Ottomans. They then withdrew saying: “How can we possible exhaust him with hunger when he beats us with cheese.”  So the Ottomans gave up seizing the Stipan’s fortress.
  • Source: TZ Brela
    GPS: N 43° 22´58.4´´ E 16° 54´35.6´´

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