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Ostrov Murter Chorvatsko, Urlaub Murter Kroatien, Apartments Dorini
Croatia Distances from: m
Northern Dalmatia Sea: 800
Island of Murter Beach: 800
Murter Center: 800
Apartments DORINI Restaurant: 50
Owner: Disco club: 1000
Mr. Mirko Markov Supermarket: 80
Address: Bank: 1000
Mihina 9 Medical service: 300
22243 Murter Pharmacy: 300
Phone: Petrol station: 1000
00385 22 434900 Playground: 800
GSM: Airport: Zadar
00385 99 7028363 Drive Way: 40
Parking: YES| Grill: YES| Terrace: YES| SAT-TV: YES| Internet: YES| Washing machine: NO| Air-Condition: ASK| Pets: ASK
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Prices of accommodation (EUR/night)
Type of
m2 Persons 01.06. - 30.06.
01.09. - 30.09.
01.07. - 15.07.
16.08. - 31.08.
16.07. - 15.08.

Apartment 1
- 2 + 1 30 EUR/night 35 EUR/night 40 EUR/night
Apartment 2
- 2 + 1 30 EUR/night 35 EUR/night 40 EUR/night

The accommodation´s tax is not included in the prices.
Advance payment: 30 %.
Discount for longer or out-season accommodation.

The island of Murter is located in the northwest part of the Šibenik archipelago, separated from the mainland by narrow sea canal at Tisno which is spanned by a 12 meter draw-bridge. Asphalted road (6 km long) connects Murter with Adriatic tourist road, and distance from the city of Šibenik is 29 km.
Murter: The limestone part of the island is covered by sparse vegetation. On the northwest, there are fertile quaternary layers (loess). The highest point is the peak of Raduč at 125 meters above sea level.
Located at the entrance to the Kornati Islands (Murter inhabitants own most of the land), Murter is an attractive spot for yachtsmen, and all lovers of quiet relaxation. The beginnings of tourism in Murter date back to the 1930's, when Czech Villa was built in Slanica cove.

The economy is based on agriculture, olive growing, fruit growing, gardening, cattle raising, fishing and tourism.

Murter offers various accommodation (hotels, condominiums, marinas), nice and quiet beaches, numerous restaurants and taverns, but any visitor to Murter will be especially thrilled if they choose to visit the islands of Kornati in one of the organized tours. There are many sports courts in town (tennis, basketball, five-a-side football), water sports are also an option. During the summer, there are various sports events, preceded by the April regatta Murter - Kornati as an introduction to the season.
Traditional celebrations are: St. Roko (August 16); Murter Festivities, Nativity of Virgin Mary (September 8).
Except Murter, the biggest and oldest settlement, there are three other settlements on the island: Betina, Jezera and Tisno.

Tourism potential of Murter:
Murter is definitely an exceptional place for a tourist to visit. Nowhere else on the Adriatic coast does a district center offer so many varied spatial and cultural features in one place. Murter is the largest settlement on the island of the same name, which has the greatest number of islands in its archipelago (over 170), with a large number of sandy beaches along its coastline (Čigrađa, Slanica, Podvrške...), as well as numerous interesting destinations in its vicinity (the national parks: Kornati, Paklenica, and Krka; the nature parks of Telašćica and Vransko Lake; the cities of Zadar, Šibenik, and Split). It is possible to find accommodation in family houses and apartments. Those who favour quiet and fishing will find peace on Kornati, in the fishermen's houses. Specialized restaurants and inns offer a wealth of gastronomic specialities.
During the summer you can attend concerts of classical and popular music in Murter, and the local church singing is quite special. A major cultural event is the regatta of traditional ships, held under the name Latinsko idro (Latin sail) every year at the end of September, on the feast day of St. Michael, the patron saint of the town.

Island of Murter surroundings:
The name of the island of Murter extends to the maritime zone which is limited to the northwest by the Murter channel, to the southeast by the capes of the Šibenik islands Kaprije, Kakan and Žirije, to the south by the Samogradska vrata strait and to the southwest by the Pučinski (Piškerski) island group of Kornati, to the northwest by the Velika Proversa passage and the islets Mali Tremulić, Božikovac and Mala Balabra, to the north by the Srednji kanal channel, Zadar islands of Gangara and Murvenja, and finally the Vrgadski kanal channel and islets Artica vela and Artica mala. In the centre of that area that has become one of the most attractive and most popular nautical areas in Europe, lies the Murter sea.

The Murter sea:
The Murter sea is the biggest sea area between the Šibenik and Zadar archipelagos. It covers 210 square kilometres, and it is up to 94 meters deep. On the northeast side of the Murter sea is the Murter island, from the northwest, southwest and south it is surrounded by the Kornati archipelago, and on its east side are the famous Šibenik islands Žirje, Kakan i Kaprije.
Located in the centre of the southeast edge of the Murter sea are Tetovišnjaci – a group of five islands and one cliff. Easily spotted and recognizable, Tetovišnjaci make for a good landmark when sailing the not large but temperamental Murter sea.
Although small, the Murter sea should not be underestimated. It is exposed to strong winds and sudden changes of wind as well as strong currents, and the yachtsmen sailing it should therefore always be alert.

Nature park Vransko jezero:
A third of Vransko jezero (Vransko lake), the biggest lake in Croatia, also belongs to the Murter-Kornati area. It is situated northwest of the Muter island and east of Pakoštane. The lake is 13,6 kilometers long and 2,2 kilometers wide, at its deepest it is 3,9 meters deep. Its surface is 30 km2. The water level of Vransko jezero is slightly higher than the sea level. It is protected as the nature and ornithological reserve.
Sailing the lake is not permitted, except in the rented boats of the Reserve administration. The tourists are attracted to the Vransko jezero by the fishing and photo-safari. Numerous species of birds that live there or come during the seasonal migrations can be captured on film, while those interested in sport fishing will be delighted to know that it is possible to rent fishing boats and equipment.

The narrow isthmus between the Adriatic Sea and Vransko jezero. It stretches from Prosika to Draga. Modrave are about 8500 meters long, and 750 to 3100 meters wide. It is the only area in Croatia that borders both the sea and a lake, and has two so different, natural environments at such close distance. Modrave used to be cultivated with vineyards, now only olives are grown there.
Since 1880 the owners of Modrave have been the inhabitants of Betina and Murter – it took them over 150 years to win their rights to own land on that unusual and fertile area. Apart from Modrave, fertile plains Ivinj, Dazlina and Dubrava also belong to the island of Murter.

Islands around the island Murter:
Unlike the Kornati, which constitute a geographical and geomorphological unit, the islands around Murter island and Murter sea are grouped in several island groups and (co-)owner groups.
The inhabitants of the Murter island, i.e. the inhabitants of Murter and Betina, are owners and co-owners of 134 of islands of Kornati, amongst which are all 89 of above-sea dry-land units in the National Park "Kornati". Apart from that, the inhabitants of Murter island are owners and co-owners of another 55 above-sea dry-land units, six of which are within the administrative borders of Zadarska county, while six other are within the borders of the city of Šibenik. Overseas properties of the inhabitants of the Murter island and the Kornati archipelago encompass 207 above-sea dry-land units (islands and cliffs).

Source: TZ Murter.

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