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Sea: 0 m | Beach: 0 m | Center (Split): 10000 m | Restaurant: 300 m | Disco club: 2000 m | Supermarket: 300 m
Bank (Omiš): 4000 m | Doctor: 3000 m | Pharmacy: 3000 m | Petrol station: 5000 m | Airport: 27000 m | Drive way: 10 m


House - Apartments Jadro

Accommodation (2 + 2 + 1 persons; 50 - 105 EUR/night)

Capacity & Prices of accommodation

Type of
m2 Persons 29.04. - 31.05.
16.09. - 15.10.
01.06. - 30.06.
01.09. - 15.09.
01.07. - 31.08.
Apartment Jadro 40 2 + 2 + 1 persons 50 EUR/night 65 EUR/night 105 EUR/night

SWIMMING: Position, clear blue sea, beautiful and clean beaches, many sunny days have always been strengths of this region. Swimming and sunbathing here you can make maximum use. When leaving the apartment, you are practically at the entrance to the sea and up to you to decide next steps that you will choose a pebble beach, sandy, rocky.

SCUBA DIVING: Diving in the waters of Central Dalmatia allows detection of a small, but extremely attractive part of the world of silence. With the development of technology and the popularization of this sport to the expanding group of people enabled these wonderful experience snorkeling or scuba diving. Dalmatian underwater hides many secrets, from ancient ship wrecks to the beautiful undersea landscape, with unique Blue Grotto under the sea, and those little happier may be under the sea encounter with dolphins. The crystal clear waters of Central Dalmatia has many beautiful diving destinations, of which the most about the island of Vis and diversity of flora and fauna that will surely impress anyone.

CYCLING: See, hear and feel nature while enjoying a light bike ride, or to win the top ride, down the mountains, test your body over the gravel paths at the base, follow the river flow, discover islands and choose from various bike levels is a unique pleasure which is in central Dalmatia can be found in abundance. The path that leads through the Cetina canyon, from Omiš to Radman's Mills (6 km), cyclists literally adore. Those who are better prepared can take the route Omis - Radman's Mills - Kučiće - Zadvarje - Šestanovac - Blato - Gata - Omis length of 60 kilometers. There are also paths on the island of Hvar, Vis, and the mountain trails of the Makarska Riviera.

FREE CLIMBING: Free climbing under the supervision of an instructor with suitable climbing equipment is completely safe sport which can try virtually everyone. Especially atraktvne cliffs that soar above Omis, where he arranged 46 equipped climbing routes, and those in the hinterland of Makarska.

SAILING: Yachtsmen who come to sail in the waters of Split will satisfy their curiosity in various ways, ranging from hospitality in the city of Split, weather conditions that are often very close to the ideal for sailing, geographical location of the island and the coast which they say is the most beautiful and interesting in the Mediterranean. It is the rich cultural and inherited past, information, workshop, service and cuisine.

MOUNTAIN CLIMBING: The nature park Biokovo can be individually and organized hiking. Visitors can the mountain-tourist map of the field visit and more than 40 marked paths and trails. Mountaineering tourist map can be purchased at a cost of 6 euro to the entrance of the park reception, the info-center flat Vlach or at the headquarters of the Public Institution "Nature Park Biokovo". The conditions are ideal for hiking in the area of Omis. From the hamlet Baučići to the fortress Starigrad walk can be reached in an hour, and the descent to the Plan seeks another 20 minutes. You will enjoy the beautiful view of Omis, Cetina canyon and the central Dalmatian islands.

TREKKING: Beauty hidden paths, views of the coastal towns and islands, cultivated fields, olive groves and vineyards on the terraces with poor soil hijacked stone tirelessly tell us the history of the local people. Every guest has the opportunity to discover it's hardly accessible corners. The divine combination of sea and mountains, sunny islands and tame hinterland will fill the hearts of every visitor who will always come back to this country and its people.

HORSEBACK RIDING: The offer of active holidays Central Dalmatia includes horseback riding. In Sinj, Split and Trilj there are stables and equestrian clubs that organize riding schools for beginners and professionals provide opportunities for recreational riding. Horse breeding in the Cetina region has a three-hundred tradition that draws on the unique equestrian tournament, Sinj Alka. In Sinj, see Gallop Mustank club and equestrian club Alamo.

PARAGLIDING: Because of its location at the mouth of the river Cetina and under steep cliffs, Omis wind is always blowing. Paragliding has long since taken root and is one of the most popular extreme sports. The starting point is a grassy slope Dinara, at an altitude of 380 meters, a ten minute walk from the village Čečuci. Most frequent and safest landing site is the town beach.

RAFTING: Rafting on the river Cetina is a special attraction for all adventurists. To lower down the foamy river are needed good will and skill. Skipper tells of how, when and how hard to paddle, or when you throw in a boat and hold tight, and guests are those who live through this adventure for a long time of praise and remember. Arrange rafting in Omis is very simple - at every turn there are agencies that offer rafting, price is around 200 kuna for a half-day adventure, and to select the best, study their offer (not all the same!) Or ask those who are already lowered during the Cetina.

CANYONING ON CETINA RIVER: Transfer to the village Zadvarje, where we get a short lesson and equipment for the canyon. In the guide we go downstream through numerous small waterfalls, lakes, rapids and tunnel to the waterfall Gubavica and further downstream. The entire route through the canyon was prepared and arranged for visitors who do not need to have previous experience in canyoning. All participants must know how to swim and be in average physical condition.

CANOE SAFARI ON RIVER CETINA: An attractive and dynamic excursion for those who want to sail crystal clear Cetina. The river at this 9 km long part is refracted in a multitude of waterfalls and rapids. Smooth cliffs of narrow canyon on this part are a hundred meters high, and the river is fast and deep. The rapids and waterfalls are overweight second and third degree and require a little ingenuity in managing the canoe.

BUNGEE JUMPING: The seemingly crazy idea of throwing the dizzying heights has become a favorite adrenaline adventure lovers of extreme sports and excitement, as the best location mostly state Sibenik Bridge. The height of the bridge is 40 meters and is located 4 km from the center of Sibenik. All the equipment is, of course, safe, and fans joke that the greatest danger - you'll jump too much like it.

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