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Banjole (Pula)

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Contact: Mrs. Helena Lozić Doklestić | Address: Dračice 57, 52100 Banjole | GSM: 00385 91 7993457

Distances from:

Sea:400 m
Beach:400 m
Center:100 m
Supermarket:500 m
Bank:4000 m
Pharmacy:4000 m
Restaurant:50 m
Disco Club:5000 m
Doctor:4000 m
Petrol:5000 m
Drive Way:20 m
Airport:12000 m

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Type of
m2 / Stars Persons 01.06. - 30.06.
01.09. - 30.09.
01.07. - 31.08. 01.01. - 31.05.
01.10. - 31.12.
Apartment 1 - / 2 - 4 persons 120 EUR/night 150 EUR/night 100 EUR/night
Apartment 2 - / 2 - 4 persons 120 EUR/night 150 EUR/night 100 EUR/night
Apartment 3 - / 2 - 4 persons 110 EUR/night 130 EUR/night 100 EUR/night
Apartment 4 - / 2 - 4 persons 110 EUR/night 130 EUR/night 100 EUR/night

The accommodation´s tax is included in the prices.
Advance payment: 30 - 50 %.

Discount for longer or out-season accommodation.

Departure: up to 10 hours
Arrival: after 14 hours

The owners of the apartments speak English and Croatian.

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Pula is one of the largest cities in Croatia, located on the southern tip of Istrian peninsula as the main city of Istria region. The city is known for its buildings dating back to the days of the Roman Empire of which the most famous one is a well preserved Pula Arena. There are nearly 60 000 residents in Pula, making it the 8th biggest city in Croatia and its population density places it on the 5th place. The language spoken in Pula is Croatian, but due to its history it is not unusual to hear Italian language on the streets.
Fishing, along with shipbuilding and wine making makes a long tradition in Pula thanks to its position on the Adriatic coast and humid subtropical climate with the highest average temperatures of 24°C and lowest of 6°C.
Summers in Pula are warm with slightly cooler evenings while winters are mild with a lot of humidity. The city has a very protected port where the sea is tame, however there are still two winds – bura which brings the cold from the north and clear weather, and maestral, a summer breeze blowing from the inland towards the sea.


The Učka mountain, a symbol of the Kvarner coast and Istria dwellers, owing to its geological structure, geomorphology, climate, (climatic barrier), to the luxuriance and diversity of wood, vegetation, endemic flora and fauna, autochtonous cultures and architectural heritage, was proclaimed a natural park in 1999. The surface area of the park is approximately 146 km2, on a length of 25 km, from the eastern parts of Ćićarija to Plominska draga.
Its eastern part is covered by Mediterranean vegetation, as well as with pine and beech woods, while the western part is much barer. Of the breeding cultures at the foot of Učka, in the Lovran area, chestnut («maruni») woods and cherry orchards are well known and several days’ long manifestations are dedicated each year to the fruits of these culltures – the Days of Cherries in June and the Chestnut Days «Marunada» in October.


Umag in Istria is the first city you will reach when approaching Istria from western Europe. Umag conquers with its allure, diversity and richness of the tourist offer.
Umag is a town of around 13,000 inhabitants which with about 45 km of the coastline and interesting hinterland integrates special features of the whole region and might be the best introduction into a different experience of the Mediterranean.


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Banjole (Pula)

Kontakt: Paní Helena Lozić Doklestić | Adresa: Dračice, 52100 Banjole, Chorvatsko | Mobil: 00385 91 7993457

Casa Bamboo Banjole
Moře: 400 m
Pláž: 400 m
Centrum: 100 m
Prodejna: 500 m
m2 Počet osob 01.01. - 31.12.
Apartmán 1 - m2 2 - 4 osoby Ceník ubytování
Apartmán 2 - m2 2 - 4 osoby Ceník ubytování
Apartmán 3 - m2 2 - 4 osoby Ceník ubytování
Apartmán 4 - m2 2 - 4 osoby Ceník ubytování
Záloha na ubytování: 30 %.
Příjezd: po 14:00
Odjezd: do 10 hodin

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Banjole (Pula)

Kontakt: Pani Helena Lozić Doklestić | Adres: Dračice 57, 52100 Banjole, Chorwacja | Mobil: 00385 91 7993457

Casa Bambo
Morze: 400 m
Plaża: 400 m
Centrum: 100 m
Sklep: 500 m
m2 Liczba osób 01.01. - 31.12.
Apartament 1 - m2 2 - 4 osoby Cena zakwaterowania
Apartament 2 - m2 2 - 4 osoby Cena zakwaterowania
Apartament 3 - m2 2 - 4 osoby Cena zakwaterowania
Apartament 4 - m2 2 - 4 osoby Cena zakwaterowania
Kaucja za zakwaterowanie: 30 %.
Przyjazd po 14:00
Sprawdź do 10:00

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