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Holiday accommodation in Croatia

Croatia | Central Dalmatia | Riviera Makarska | Brela | Apartments Villa ROSA

Address: Stomarica 37; 21322 Brela; GPS: N 43°22´54.7´´ E 16°54´39.2´´; GSM: 00385 95 8615624

Owner: Mrs. Rosa Šošić
Distances from (min):
 Sea: 5-10
 Beach: 5-10
 Center: 20
 Restaurant: 5
 Disco club: 20
 Supermarket: 2
 Bank: 20
 Doctor: 20
 Pharmacy: 20
 Petrol station: 12 km
 Playground: 20
 Airport: 70 km
 Drive Way: 2 km
Parking: YES | Grill: YES | Terrace: YES | SAT-TV: YES | Internet: YES | Heating: YES | Air-Condition (5 EUR/day): YES | Pets: ASK
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Prices of accommodation (EUR/person/night)
Type of
m2 Persons 01.06. - 30.06.
01.09. - 30.09.
01.07. - 31.08. 01.10. - 31.05.

- 4 + 1 15 EUR
20 EUR
On request
Additional bed: 10 EUR/night
Capacity: We have 12 apartments for 4 + 1 persons.
  • The accommodation´s tax is included in the prices.
    Advance payment: 30 %.
    Discount for longer or out-season accommodation.
    Brela - Active holidays.
  • Lungo Mare - The path of vitality
    Even though people feel well also during walks through a park or a forest, a stay by the sea awakens positive feelings which are soothing, and the person feels as if he or she had recharged his or her batteries. The sea air contains negative ions and ozone which encourage deep breathing and fill us with life energy.
    The promenade along the sea as far as Brela extends from Jakiruša to Berulija is 6.5 km long and, if you feel ready, you can extend it to other towns of the Makarska Riviera.
    Regardless whether you walk or ride a bike, a normal physical effort suffices for you health, which is 150 minutes of exercise a week. This is enough for the heart to start working faster.
    Recommendation: When you go for a walk, wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Breathe in with full lungs and start! On the first day walk for 30 minutes. For the first 5 minutes warm up walking lightly, and in the past 5 minutes slow down. Fast walking on the first day of exercise should take 10 minutes maximum. Make short steps, bend your arms in the elbows under a 90° angle and keep them at the level of your waist with your shoulders relaxed. Start the walk 3 times a week and then every day. Walk whenever you can. With time slowly increase the duration of your walk until your reach 60 minutes.
    You may do the promenade also by Nordic walking. This is an activity that engages almost all large muscles in the body, and it also ensures favourable conditions for the circulatory system operation. Besides, Nordic walking is intended for all ages, so that the activity can be practiced by children, adults and the elderly.
    We recommend organised walks 3 times a week with the supervision and a programme of a professional guide!
    Hiking trails
    Organised Tours on the Biokovo Mountain
    Individually or in a group, mountaineering and a walk on Biokovo is a unique experience. However, it is our recommendation that you should take a professional guide by all means. This will contribute to your personal safety, but also reveal many secrets and beauties of this proud mountain.
    We will reveal only some of the possible organised trips starting from Brela toward the Biokovo Park of Nature:
    - a day trip "Summer pasture – Bukovac, the source of life"
    - a half-day trip "Along the paths of the ancient Berulija"
    - an evening trip "Sunset from the Bride’s Rock (Nevistina stina)"
  • Educational trail Paths of ancient Berulia
    The learning path of the ancient Berulija from Subotišće to the St. Nicholas Church is around 2,700 m long, and it can be completed in about an hour or a little more than that in one direction, depending on the stamina of the visitor.
    It is marked with nine learning tables. This is an easy mountain path; its tour lasts for about 1 hour. Of course, just like for any other mountaineering path, you will need firm footwear.
    The start of the path is at today’s centre of Brela Gornja, at Subotišće. The path will then take you to the recently deserted Gornja Mala settlement with the old church of Our Lady of Health from the transition of the 17th to the 18th century, old stone houses, barns and wells. Then the path on its right side leaves the Illyrian cemetery called Gomila and the ancient Besedišće settlement, it passes beside the Klešići settlement, the Vodice spring, the Mrkore cave, and thick pine forest of an foreboding name of Dubrava (Grove), up to the St. Nicholas Church (572 m above the sea) from the 14th century – until recently a centuries long patron saint of Brela.
    Traces of the past times bear witness at every step: pastures and meadows, “live” spring water, pens and shepherds stalls on the slopes of a tame mountain where sheep, goats, horses, mules and donkeys were grazing. One used to hunt for partridges and rabbits, and since recently for wild boars and chamois. Nowadays in this landscape you can meet nature lovers: hikers, mountaineers, tourists, pupil excursions, groups of pensioners ... The smell of heather, sage, Spanish broom and Dalmatian Laburnum cures the soul, inviting the hikers and lovers of this tame mountain. Birds are nesting and chirping from the trees.
    The learning path has many things to show, and even more so to bear witness to the genuine jewel of nature, to the creations of horny hands of its inhabitants attached to their hearth and their permanent battle for subsistence and survival in harmonious coexistence with nature.
  • Rock climbing site in Brela
    For sports climbing you have at your disposal a pretty high rock, offering different routes of medium difficulty, even if there are also easier routes. The slabs which request preciseness and persistence are the main characteristic of this climbing zone. The potential of this rock was discovered by the Austrian climber Christian Hacker who has equipped, together with his friends, almost all the routes. All of them, as well as the other visitors who come to this site, are fascinated with the spectacular view of the sea and the nearby islands of Brač and Hvar. You want to be alone when climbing? This is the cliff for you!
    You can get the map with the directions drawn in here or in the office of Brela Tourist Board.
    WARNING: Climbing is a dangerous sport and you are doing it at your own risk.
  • Cycling
    The Makarska Riviera was the first stage of the international cycling race around Croatia - Tour of Croatia, held from 22nd to 26th April 2015 on a 900 km route stretching along the Adriatic coast and in the interior of the country. The race passed through eight districts, nine cities, two national parks and three nature parks, sending images of the most beautiful Croatian landscapes throughout the world. This top-quality sports tourism event gathered 20 international professional cycling teams with 160 competitors.
    It is possible to take a bike ride on the territory of the Makarska Riviera during the entire year due to extraordinarily favourable weather conditions. The coastal area of the Makarska Riviera is around 60 km long and 3 km wide, just at the foothills of the Biokovo mountain.
    During the warmer times of the year we recommend that you finish the ride by 10 o’clock in order to spend the warmest part of the day on one of our numerous beaches or enjoying refreshments in a beach bar. A particularly beautiful time for a bicycle ride in Brela and the Makarska Riviera are the autumn and the spring.
    A ride along the sea (a less demanding terrain): During the entire time you are most close to the sea. In Brela there is a concrete promenade along the sea suitable for an easy ride. The ride is about 6.5 km long from the Jakiruša to the Berulia area. If you are in a good shape, you may extend your ride across to the neighbouring towns of Baška Voda, Promajna, Bratuš and Krvavica up to Makarska. If you are taking the path along the beach, you will get to an interruption in the path between Brela and Baška Voda of some 200 m that you will have to pass pushing your bike or you will have to climb up beside the Berulia hotel to get to the road toward Baška Voda. The first stage of the path is covered in asphalt providing an easy ride with only a few minor ascensions. The beauty of this track is that almost during the entire time of the ride you have a magnificent view of the sea and the powerful Biokovo mountain. When you pass Krvavica, the terrain starts there that will most certainly win you over if you like narrow beaten paths with occasional technical difficulties in the form of stones and roots. The configuration of the terrain will leave you breathless with its beauty and you will pass the next two kilometres with ease and will soon find yourself in Makarska. After some rest and sightseeing in Makarska, you can take the same path back.
    Apart from the ride along the sea, you can also go for a mountain ride on village and forest paths at the foothills of the Biokovo mountain.
    Source: TZ Brela

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