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Contact person: Mrs. Kristina Murina | Address: 20240 Duba Pelješka b.b., Pelješac, Croatia | Phone: 00385 20 743746 | GSM: 00385 95 8364210

Distances from:

Sea:10 m
Beach:10 m
Center:600 m
Supermarket:10000 m
ATM:13000 m
Pharmacy:13000 m
Restaurant:13000 m
Disco Club:13000 m
Doctor:13000 m
Petrol:13000 m
Drive Way:19000 m
Airport:147000 m

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Apartments Murina

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Type of
m2 / Stars Bedroom(s)
01.06. - 30.06.
01.09. - 30.09.
01.07. - 31.08. 01.01. - 31.05.
01.10. - 31.12.
Apartment 1 - / 4 + 2 persons 60 EUR/night 70 EUR/night On request
Apartment 2 - / 4 + 2 persons 60 EUR/night 70 EUR/night On request
Apartment 3 - / 4 + 2 persons 60 EUR/night 70 EUR/night On request

The accommodation´s tax is included in the prices.
Advance payment: 30 %.

Discount for longer or out-season accommodation.

Departure: up to 10 hours
Arrival: after 14 hours

The owners of the apartments speak English and Croatian.

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Excursion Possibilities

The walls of Ston were built in 1333 when Ston became a part of the Republic of Dubrovnik.
Their purpose was to defend the Republic and the peninsula. Dubrovnik government in 1335 and amended in 1370 and is considered one of the best planned and best structured cities in Europe. The walls of Ston were a massive architecture and construction feat.
Originally 7000-meters long (22 965 ft.), they consist of several parts; the Ston city walls, the Mali Ston city walls and the Big wall with its three forts. Its forts and towers are strengthened by 10 round and 31 square flanking towers and 6 semi-circular bastions.
The walls were last used in the 19th century for defense of the city and salt pans, and today they are a priceless monument of immense architectural and cultural value. You can visit the Walls during the whole year. Take a walk around the city of Ston (in roughly 20 minutes) and from Ston to Mali Ston (in roughly 40 minutes)


The residents call it the City. Others call it the pearl of the Adriatic, a paradise on Earth or Croatian Athens. Its beauty, harmony and importance for European culture, art and science are widely acclaimed and praised by poets.
Historians regard Dubrovnik as a symbol of freedom, order and harmony between desires and possibilities. Diplomatic skills of its aristocratic governments have enabled this small naval trading republic to withstand pressures of much larger and more powerful forces and to protect its most valuable asset, the freedom, for centuries.
Throughout much of its history, Dubrovnik served as a bond for exchange of ideas, information and goods between East and West. The glory days of the Dubrovnik Republic are today revived in the Festivity of St. Blaise, the patron of Dubrovnik, which has been a part of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List since 2009.
Traces of past socio-economic prosperity are visible to this day in the architectural beauty of palaces, churches and monasteries embraced with its mighty walls all of which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Contemporary Dubrovnik is the administrative centre of the Dubrovnik- Neretva County, University city and the most famous Croatian tourist destination.
It is a perfect place to relax but it is also home to numerous professional and scientific events every year. It is our sincere hope that you will enjoy this unique place making fond memories, ideas and contacts. We look forward to seeing you in Dubrovnik.


Medjugorje is a little village in southern part of Herzegovina in the present-day state Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Herzegovina is bordered to the Southeast by Montenegro, to the East by Bosnia, to the Southwest by Croatia and in one area forms part of the Adriatic coastline. The main cultural and administrational center is Mostar. A city renown as the most picturesque in Balkan Mediterranean.
The climate of Medjugorje is influenced by the nearby sea and it’s height above sea level with it’s pre-dominant gentle winters and warm summers. It is characterized by rainfall in the colder period of the year.
Medjugorje ("between the hills") has become well known in Bosnia-Hercegovina, and the world, because of six young people who claim to have seen visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Beginning on June 24, 1981, the Blessed Mother appeared to. And later told the visionaries, God sent her to our world to help us convert our hearts and lives back to Him. Our Lady's call is one of Peace, Love, Faith, Conversion, Prayer, and Fasting.
We are each challenged to answer Our Lady's call to change our lives. And hearts back to God. The following links to 100+ documents of information, interviews, and testimonies provide a well rounded. And accurate account and perspective of one of the greatest events in modern history.


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Duba Pelješka Virtual Tour

Duba Pelješka (Pelješac)

Kontakt: Paní Kristina Murina | Adresa: 20240 Duba Pelješka bb, Chorvatsko | Telefon: 00385 20 743746 | Mobil: 00385 95 8364210

Apartmány Murina
Moře: 10 m
Pláž: 10 m
Centrum: 600 m
Prodejna: 10000 m
m2 Počet osob 01.06. - 30.06.
01.09. - 30.09.
01.07. - 31.08. 01.10. - 31.05.
Apartmán 1 - m2 4 + 2 osoby 60 EUR/noc 70 EUR/noc Na dotaz
Apartmán 2 - m2 4 + 2 osoby 60 EUR/noc 70 EUR/noc Na dotaz
Apartmán 3 - m2 4 + 2 osoby 60 EUR/noc 70 EUR/noc Na dotaz
Záloha na ubytování: 30 %.
Příjezd: po 14:00
Odjezd: do 10 hodin

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Duba Pelješka (Pelješac)

Kontakt: Pani Kristina Murina | Adres: 20240 Duba Pelješka bb, Chorwacja | Telefon: 00385 20 743746 | Mobil: 00385 95 8364210

Apartamenty Murina
Morze: 10 m
Plaża: 10 m
Centrum: 600 m
Sklep: 10000 m
m2 Liczba osób 01.06. - 30.06.
01.09. - 30.09.
01.07. - 31.08. 01.10. - 31.05.
Apartament 1 - m2 4 + 2 osoby 60 EUR/noc 70 EUR/noc Cena na zapytanie
Apartament 2 - m2 4 + 2 osoby 60 EUR/noc 70 EUR/noc Cena na zapytanie
Apartament 3 - m2 4 + 2 osoby 60 EUR/noc 70 EUR/noc Cena na zapytanie
Kaucja za zakwaterowanie: 30 %.
Przyjazd po 14:00
Sprawdź do 10:00

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