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Contact person: Mr. Ivo Marić | Address: Vitarnja 46, 21465 Jelsa, Croatia | GSM: 00385 91 5881009

Distances from:

Sea:80 m
Beach:80 m
Center:1000 m
Supermarket:1000 m
ATM:1100 m
Pharmacy:1000 m
Restaurant:250 m
Disco Club:1000 m
Doctor:1000 m
Petrol:1500 m
Drive Way:50 m
Airport:55000 m

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Jelsa Surroundings

Apartments Marić

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Apartment 2

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Capacity & Prices

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Type of
m2 / Stars Bedroom(s)
16.07. - 31.08. 01.07. - 15.07. 01.01. - 30.06.
01.09. - 31.12.
Apartment 1 52 / 2 + 2 persons 55 EUR/night 50 EUR/night 45 EUR/night
Apartment 2 80 / 4 + 2 persons 80 EUR/night 70 EUR/night 55 EUR/night
Apartment 3 72 / 4 + 2 persons 85 EUR/night 75 EUR/night 60 EUR/night
Apartment 4 72 / 4 + 2 persons 85 EUR/night 75 EUR/night 60 EUR/night
Apartment 5 85 / 4 + 2 persons 90 EUR/night 80 EUR/night 65 EUR/night

The accommodation´s tax is included in the prices.
Additional bed: 10 € per person/day.
Advance payment: 25 %.

Discount for longer or out-season accommodation.

Departure: up to 10 hours
Arrival: after 14 hours

The owners of the apartments speak English and Croatian.

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Excursion Possibilities

Grapceva cave is the cradle of Hvar's culture and civilization. The cave is one of the prehistoric findings dating back to the New Stone Age (Neolithic Period) 5000 - 4000 years BC and one of the oldest discoveries in the Adriatic and the Mediterranean.
It is situated 239 m above sea level and was the cultish place of a Neolithic Islander. The cave consists of a small hall (13,5 x 5 m) and a larger one (22 x 23 m) surrounded by hallways and chambers.
The towering stalactites and stalagmites that decorate the cave resemble an ancient organ and along with the absolute silence and solitude of the cave offer a magnificent and unforgettable sight.

Grapčeva Cave

Humac, once a shepherds' settlement, is located 7 km east from Jelsa, 350 m above sea level and offers a bird’s eye view of the valleys and headlands on the west side of the Island, yet also providing a view of the Island of Brač and the coastline of Makarska.
The village was established in the XVII ct. At the beginning of the XX ct. the Church of St. John and St. Paul was built. The houses of Humac are well preserved, simple and made of stone. They belong to a unique rural type of architecture and are therefore considered as being an ethnographic monument.
There is an ambiance restaurant open to guests during the summer.

Humac Hvar

Eclectic, dynamic and one-of-a-kind, Hvar is a sprawling island where cultures and lifestyles blend only a short distance from breathtaking hills with scattered vineyards, stonewalls and sun-drenched beaches.
As well as its unique, celebrity – driven charisma, the surrounding area’s natural beauty accounts as much as the city’s appeal, with countless cultural and recreational activities along 270 kilometers of coastline.
The longest Croatian island is at the same time the island of diversity – the calmness of fertile field of the Stari Grad Plain, the precipitous fall of southern rocks into the foamy sea, the tameness of the eastern part of the island and forests along the northern coast will delight even the most experienced world travelers. Between the endless blue sky and the blue sea rises the green island known for its diversity of plant species among which olive, grape vine, rosemary and lavender occupy a special place, together with autochthonous Dalmatian pine forests. The play of nature is visible at every kilometer of highly indented coastline, the rocky seabed presents a heaven for explorers, and 143 speleological sites have still not discovered all the secrets kept inside the bowels of the island.
The sunniest Mediterranean island has the annual average of 2,726 hours of sun and for more than 5 months a year the sea temperature is above 20°C. Only in January and February is the air temperature below 10°C.

Hvar Croatia

The history of Split is over-flowingly rich and turbulent to fit in just a couple of sentences. Although the Split area was earlier inhabited by the Greek colonies, Emperor Diocletian should be considered its first citizen and founder. Starting his lavish villa of around 300 square meters near the great city of Salona in 293 AD, only to retire from the Roman throne. Within its walls after building it for ten years.
Turbulent centuries that followed turned the villa into a city. Conceived by the fugitive inhabitants of Salona who fled from the Avars and Slavs. Many authorities changed hands in the city which, in the years to come, grew beyond the Palace walls, from the Croatian Kings in the 10th century, through the Hungarian and Venetian administration, to the French rulers and the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Modern age and the 20th century "moved" Split from the kingdom of Yugoslavia. Through tragic, yet heroic times of the Italian and German occupation during the Second World War when Split was one of the centres of anti-fascist resistance, to the Socialist Yugoslavia and the present period of the free and independent Croatia, member of the European Union.
Tumultuous history leaves its trace in the everyday life of the city. That always moved steadily forward, remaining the centre of this part of the coast to this day. In those mixtures of history layers, clumsiness was inevitable. Sometimes even rashness in development, but today it is all a part of its originality. Great city beats today with the silent whisper of history, the lively spirit of youth and charm of the Mediterranean yet in every way also Croatian warmth...

Split Croatia

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Jelsa Virtual Tour

Jelsa (ostrov Hvar)

Kontakt: Pan Ivo Marić | Adresa: Vitarnja 46, 21465 Jelsa, Chorvatsko | Mobil: 00385 91 5881009

Vila Maria
Moře: 80 m
Pláž: 80 m
Centrum: 1000 m
Prodejna: 1000 m
m2 Počet osob 16.07. - 31.08. 01.07. - 15.07. 01.01. - 30.06.
01.09. - 31.12.
Apartmán 1 52 m2 2 + 2 osoby 55 EUR/noc 50 EUR/noc 45 EUR/noc
Apartmán 2 80 m2 4 + 2 osoby 80 EUR/noc 70 EUR/noc 55 EUR/noc
Apartmán 3 72 m2 4 + 2 osoby 85 EUR/noc 75 EUR/noc 60 EUR/noc
Apartmán 4 72 m2 4 + 2 osoby 85 EUR/noc 75 EUR/noc 60 EUR/noc
Apartmán 5 85 m2 4 + 2 osoby 90 EUR/noc 80 EUR/noc 65 EUR/noc
Další postel: 10 EUR/osoba/den.
Záloha na ubytování: 30 %.
Příjezd: po 14:00
Odjezd: do 10 hodin

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Jelsa (wyspa Hvar)

Kontakt: Pan Ivo Marić | Adres: Vitarnja 46, 21465 Jelsa, Chorwacja | Mobil: 00385 91 5881009

Wila Maria
Morze: 80 m
Plaża: 80 m
Centrum: 1000 m
Sklep: 1000 m
m2 Liczba osób 16.07. - 31.08. 01.07. - 15.07. 01.01. - 30.06.
01.09. - 31.12.
Apartament 1 52 m2 2 + 2 osoby 55 EUR/noc 50 EUR/noc 45 EUR/noc
Apartament 2 80 m2 4 + 2 osoby 80 EUR/noc 70 EUR/noc 55 EUR/noc
Apartament 3 72 m2 4 + 2 osoby 85 EUR/noc 75 EUR/noc 60 EUR/noc
Apartament 4 72 m2 4 + 2 osoby 85 EUR/noc 75 EUR/noc 60 EUR/noc
Apartament 5 85 m2 4 + 2 osoby 90 EUR/noc 80 EUR/noc 65 EUR/noc
Dodatkowe łóżko: 10 EUR/odoba/noc.
Kaucja za zakwaterowanie: 30 %.
Przyjazd po 14:00
Sprawdź do 10:00

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