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Supetar (Island of Brač) Villa Jasna
Capacity: 17 persons

Brela (Makarska) Villa Dragica
Capacity: 34 persons

Brela (Makarska) Villa Rosa Villa Rosa
Capacity: 36 persons

Kakma (Biograd) XXL ANA XXL Holiday House Ana
Capacity: 20 persons

Zaostrog (Makarska) Villa Vanja
Capacity: 14 persons

Brela (Makarska) Villa Kosa
Capacity: 22 persons

Zadvarje (Makarska) Oak House
Capacity: 8 persons

Nemira (Omiš) Villa Borzić Villa Borzić
Capacity: 34 persons

Viganj (Pelješac) Villa Anita Villa Anita
Capacity: 8 persons

Vir (Island of Vir) Villa Slavica
Capacity: 21 persons

Zaostrog (Makarska) Villa Mila
Capacity: 31 persons

Jelsa (Hvar) Villa Rosa
Capacity: 6 persons

Jelsa (Island of Hvar) Villa Maria Villa Maria
Capacity: 30 persons

Grebaštica (Šibenik) Villa Sunce Villa Sunce
Capacity: 22 persons

Sevid (Trogir) Vila Isabella, Sevid Vila Isabela
Capacity: 12 persons

Neum (BiH) Villa Plava Villa Plava
Capacity: 14 persons

Omiš (Split) Villa Mam Villa Mam
Capacity: 10 persons

Povlja (Island of Brač) Villa Vania
Capacity: 16 persons

Brela (Makarska) Villa Orada Villa Orada
Capacity: 23 persons

Promajna (Makarska) Villa Ivandić II
Capacity: 28 persons

Tribunj (Vodice) Villa Kartal 1 Villa Kartal
Capacity: 18 persons

Bol (Island of Brač) Villa Kanun
Capacity: 4 persons

Stari Grad (Hvar) Villa Bianca - Hvar
Capacity: 6 persons

Zaostrog (Makarska) Villa Vito
Capacity: 19 persons

Stara Baška (Island of Krk) Villa Biserka
Capacity: 20 persons

Brela (Makarska) Villa Astra & Pinija Villa´s Resort Petra - Astra & Pinija
Capacity: 60 persons

Drvenik (Makarska) Villa Vala Villa Vala
Capacity: 32 persons

Tkon (Island of Pašman) Villa Fantasia
Capacity: 25 persons

Sikovo (Biograd) Villa Adriana
Capacity: 12 persons

Zmijavci (Makarska) Villa Didova Struga
Capacity: 10 persons

Baška Voda (Makarska) Villa Mare 1 Villa Mare
Capacity: 9 persons